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Kayak and Snorkel Safari

Duration: Half Day

kayak and snorkel safari

Kayaking may not be the first water sport that comes to mind during a holiday in Bermuda, but it has become increasingly popular over the last few years – with both tourists and local residents. As well as being a great way to see the island of Bermuda, which is in fact an archipelago comprising a total of 138 coral islands, kayaking enables you to explore hidden coves and sweeping pink-sand beaches, viewing Bermuda’s stunning coastline from a unique perspective that is seldom seen by most visitors.

Because kayaking is a quiet and serene activity, you will also have a greater chance of getting close to the native wildlife. Sea life and birds seem unperturbed by the presence of kayaks, so it is a wonderful way to enjoy a nature tour at the same time. Look out for White-Tailed Tropicbirds and bright yellow-chested Kiskadees on your journey, as well as fish and sea turtles on the surface of the water. Enjoy a day of pure relaxation as you paddle in paradise.

This tour will take you kayaking on ocean kayaks from Elbow Beach, a beautiful pink-sand beach on Bermuda’s South Shore. Glide silently over the clear turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean as your guide leads you out into the open sea to the sunken Pollockshields shipwreck, one of the hundreds of shipwrecks that lie scattered around Bermuda’s waters.

Bermuda was previously known as “Isle of Devils” by early seamen, due to the large numbers of ships that met their doom in unchartered waters after hitting the deadly coral reefs surrounding the hook-shaped islands. The wrecks date back from the 15th century up to the 20th century, varying from ancient Spanish Galleons to modern Ocean Liners. Whilst some ships have sunk due to violent circumstances, others have been sunk as artificial reefs specifically for divers to explore. It is no wonder that Bermuda is considered a world-class wreck diving destination.

The Pollockshields was a 320ft steamer, which was travelling from Wales to the North Atlantic Ocean in September, 1915, when it sunk during after a hurricane after crashing onto the treacherous reefs of the South Shore. Now the wreck is a popular site for diving and snorkelling. Once you have tied your kayak up over the wreck, you will be free to snorkel over and around it, exploring the beauty of this mysterious artificial reef and a variety of marine life, including fish, coral and sea plants.

This tour is an excellent way to enjoy Bermuda’s natural beauty both above and below the water.

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