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Taba Heights

Taba is located in the eastern Sinai peninsula of Egypt, its southern border crossing between Egypt and Israel. Taba with its unique location offers you a place to getaway from all the ciaos from everyday life, with its scenic bays, lagoons, and azure coastline set amongst the mighty Mount Sinai back drop.

Experience the fun and exciting activities that Taba has to offer such as water sports and snorkeling in the colorful reefs. A popular place to do this is Pharaoh’s island a tiny island off the coast, where you can experience a myriad of sea life if your looking to relax why not take a sailing trip on the sparkling azure waters on the Red Sea.

For the adventure why not do a desert safari, take a day trip on the Rocky Mountains, camel’s rides and hiking through the desert whilst capturing the breathtaking views of this fabulous region. Taba is the ideal base for the traveler who wants to voyage into Jordon and discover the mysteries of Petra or to rejuvenate in the medicinal properties of the Dead Sea.

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