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Day Trip to Luxor

Duration: Full Day

day trip to luxor

Step back over 4000 years in time during your holiday in Egypt, to a period of great splendour, wealth and power, as you explore some of the world’s most impressive ancient monuments. This day tour of Luxor will unveil archeological wonders on the banks of the River Nile. The Valley of Kings, Valley of the Queens, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon are just some of the tour highlights.

After an early morning start from your hotel in Hurghada, your day begins with a three-hour drive across the dusty desert to Luxor, one of the world’s largest and greatest open-air museums. The city is part of the ancient city of Thebes, once the capital of Egypt during the 11th Dynasty (Middle Kingdom) and up to most of the 18th Dynasty (New Kingdom). Crossing the River Nile, we drive onwards through lush farmland and sugar plantations to the edge of the desert.

Here on Luxor’s historic West Bank lie the impressive tombs of the greatest Egyptian pharaohs and their queens in the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Carved deep into the desert rock, these tombs are amongst the most splendid in the world. Royal members were buried with rich treasures for the afterlife in gilded coffins, whilst the chamber walls were adorned with beautifully painted hieroglyphics depicting the life of each king. Your guide will bring the stories of the great pharaohs and queens to life as you learn about their historic roles during their reign in Ancient Egypt.

You will continue onwards to the impressive Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, which commemorates her achievements as ruler during the 18th dynasty. Queen Hatshepsut is reputedly the first known female to take the title Pharaoh, and the first great woman in recorded history, although some historians dispute this. Architecturally stunning, her temple is one of the most characteristic in Egypt due to its unique design and decoration. The interior walls are decorated with beautiful reliefs depicting important events in Queen Hathshepsut's life, whilst the exterior is constructed from limestone and rises from the desert in a series of imposing colonnaded terraces.

On your return to Luxor's East Bank, photo opportunities are available at the Colossi of Memnon. These two colossal statues of Amenophis III guard the entrance to his mortuary temple. During the 18th Dynasty he was one of Egypt’s most important pharaohs, and his temple was once the largest and most magnificent in the country, surpassing even the smaller Temple of Karnak.

After lunch you will get the chance to visit the magnificent Karnak Temple, which is believed to be the world’s biggest temple complex and largest ancient religious site. A marvel of ancient Egyptian engineering, this beautiful complex comprises three magnificent temples: a vast mass of chapels, pylons, shrines and intricately carved columns all showcase precious relics of ancient Egyptian dynasties.

The centrepiece is undoubtedly the Temple of Amun-Ra, but other highlights include the Hypostyle Hall and the double row of sphinxes leading to the temple of Luxor. The temples took several generations to complete, under the command of many different Egyptian kings, and the complex remains a tribute to the grand scale and beauty of Ancient Egyptian design and architecture.

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