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The world is my oyster

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For a larger than life attitude to life, here I blog about all things daring, adventurous and unique. I am naturally drawn to experiencing life to the fullest everywhere I go, absorbing as much as I can from other cultures and blending into local traditions and customs.

From donning a carnival costume and joining tropical carnival marches to motorbiking off the beaten path in Vietnam or searching for pirate treasures in the Caribbean, I take every opportunity to soak up as much as I can from any destination I visit.

So, if you're interested in learning about my adventures and rare finds, follow my blog and draw some inspiration from my exciting experiences during my many travels around the globe. You'll find that wherever I go, there's no time for boredom in my itinerary.


Claire Boobbyer's Been There Done That

  • Learning to become a cigar roller in Pinar del Rio
  • Motorbiking off the beaten track in Ha Giang province in northern Vietnam
  • Slow boating all the way from northern Laos down the Nam Ou river to Luang Prabang
  • Spending Holy Week with Maya idol Maximon in the town of Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala
  • Fishing for the once-in-a-waning-moon appearance of the 'teti' fish in Baracoa with local fishermen
  • Searching for treasure off the pirate coast of the Isle of Youth - famous for sheltering plundering buccaneers

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  • 06 Mar 2018
  • Travel Story
  • Claire Boobbyer
Walking around

Exploring Cape Town's Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

What struck me most about my recent visit to South Africa’s Cape Town was all there is to see and do around the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront - from lovely al fresco cafes and ice cream stalls to shops, contemporary museums, vintage buildings, old castles, boutique hotels and an amazing indoor food market. And that goes without mentioning the aquarium! Keep reading to find out what I loved about Cape Town and what I plan to go back and see.
  • 29 Jan 2018
  • Travel Story
  • Claire Boobbyer
Back to nature

The floral kingdom of Kirstenbosch - Cape Town's blooming botanical gardens

After venturing into one of the world's very few (and first) botanical gardens to be granted the prestigious title of UNESCO World Heritage Site, I found many a wildlife wonder and not only of the verdant kind! Read my guide on how to make the most of a visit to Cape Town's Kirstenbosch gardens with tops tips like why you should make use of one of the free daily guided tours and take plenty of refreshment with you as you meander through the blossoming paths under a radiant sunshine.
  • 26 Dec 2017
  • Travel Advice
  • Claire Boobbyer
Amazing cities

Santiago de Cuba - what's new in Cuba's second city

Famous for its hypnotising, percussive music, and its unique take on Cuban history, the city of Santiago in Cuba has had a makeover. Founded by Spanish colonists in 1515, who laid a tangle of narrow streets, climbing up from the Bay of Santiago, the city pulled out all the stops for its 500th anniversary in 2015, and the sprucing up has made this city - 540 miles east of Havana - a much more attractive and lively place to visit. And, since late last year it has a new ‘site' for visitors - the tomb of Fidel Castro - which authorities acknowledge has driven tourist traffic to the city.
  • 06 Dec 2017
  • Travel Story
  • Claire Boobbyer
Amazing cities

Exploring the secrets of Matanzas

Not many know it but Matanzas once was one of Cuba's most avant-garde and rich regions. It's the birthplace of Cuban rumba as we know it, with a French accent in some areas, American in others and an architecture that whilst somewhat neglected is worthy of admiration. Here I give you the main reasons why you mustn't overlook this Cuban city while on your way to Varadero's dreamy beaches. Matanzas is experiencing a revival, now is the time to get to know it.
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