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A Photoblog of Show our colours, May-2017


Meriel Hunting
Vitor Chaves Diogo Gomes


Another semester goes by and it’s now time, to once again, reveal the three lucky winners of our Facebook Photo Competition. We want to warmly (and effusively) congratulate this edition’s top three photographers, who are all walking away with a well-deserved prize.

If your name doesn’t appear in the winning list below, we still want to emphasise on how thrilled we were to receive your photographs – they are all really great! Regrettably, they just can’t all win. Which takes us straight to finally unveiling the winners and their winning photographs. Ranked in order of winning position, we proceed to display the three winning images, the owners of which will soon be getting a knock on their doors with our prizes.

Up on top we have Meriel Hunting’s beautifully dramatic and scenically green photograph of the bridge of Bacunayagua, a gem of Cuban architecture in the province of Matanzas, just a few miles from Varadero. This jaw-dropping image, where our tag casually leans on a pineapple, won her our top spot.

Showcasing the beauty of Thai beaches is Vitor Chaves’ photograph, perfectly evoking the dreamy aspect of Thailand’s exquisite coastal seascapes. The aquamarine hue of the waters is perfectly contrasted by the sharp grey boulders, and our tag couldn’t look better place amidst it all!

Yet another beach follows suit, with Diogo Gomes’ shot of a lovely section of the seven-kilometre-long Varadero Beach in Cuba. The props look great too, from the strategically placed straw hat, to the orange sarong and the Cuban cigar, our tag couldn’t have rested in a more iconic beach background.

Meriel Hunting
Vitor Chaves Diogo Gomes


And here they are now, our smiling winners, happily boasting their well-earned prizes.

First up, our top poser is Meriel Hunting, showcasing the "You are a winner" card which symbolizes winning the £500 voucher that entitles her to £500 off the next holiday with The Holiday Place. Below, to the left, we have Vitor Chaves cheerfully exhibiting his Canon EOS Digital camera. And next up, to the right, we have Diogo Gomes proudly holding his £150 John Lewis gift card.

Now, all that’s left for us to do is give a big clapping hand to our winners, along with a huge thank you for kindly sending us their prize-exhibiting photos for us to share with all of you. If you want to pose here next, you know all you have to do is bring your camera along on your next holiday adventure with us and send us your picture – without forgetting to cleverly place our luggage tag in it!

Participation is the most important thing

Despite the large number of photographs we received over the last six months, not all having been crowned winners, we can’t stress enough the importance of participating, or how much we value everyone’s input. It’s only through participation, after all, that you get a shot at scooping up one of our prizes. So, if you didn’t win this time, don’t let it keep you from trying next time you go away on holiday with us!

We are so proud of all our participants and the photographs they sent us in this edition, that we wanted to reserve them a space here to display their beautiful images all in their full glory. Just glancing through our gallery will show you how original, inventive and deserving of praise these amateur holiday photographers really are. Kudos to you all!

Jana Crowne

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