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Can't stop running

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As a keen traveller and culture digger, my utmost aim when visiting a destination (old or new) is unearthing the cultural peculiarities, the similarities and differences between expressions, verbal exchanges, body language and all manner of lingual speech or speechless communications, and the context it all fits in.

In my blog series you can expect to find plenty written about the way different cultures communicate around the world with the inclusion of frequently used terms, curious phrases, sayings and expressions that can be used to describe an entire nation and its people. But that's not all I focus on, I also love dwelling in the intrinsic physical beauty of a visited country or place, its natural marvels, its manmade aesthetics and the quality of its lodging spaces, as well as the unique characteristics, warmth (or lack thereof) of its people.

During my travelling adventures I also devote some well-deserved time and space to simply relaxing and just taking in the sights, drinking in the views, basking in a secluded beach, documenting the top attractions, and generally drawing inspiration for my next travels and future blogs. If you want to read about all things inspiring about travel and the ultimate language quirks pertaining to a particular region or place, this is the space to keep checking back on.

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Adam Jacot de Boinod's Been There Done That

  • Author of three language books about unusual words and varying meanings across different cultures and idioms
  • Carried research work for the first series of TV panel game "QI", which involved reading an entire Arabian dictionary to find interesting words
  • Devoted considerable time to examining and comparing other languages across 280 dictionaries and 140 websites
  • Travelled the world as a freelance journalist documenting different uses of language and drawing cultural comparisons

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  • 25 Oct 2016
  • Travel Story
  • Adam Jacot de Boinod
Life's a beach

Head over heels in St. Lucia

Falling in love with St Lucia is as easy as setting foot on its dreamy, highly scenic and secluded beach coves or walking along its charming villages to take in the local way of life. That's exactly what I did on my most recent trip there, where I got to truly discover why this is one seductive Caribbean island that has earned itself the title of honeymoon destination of the region, year after year. Read on to see exactly what makes this the perfect romantic destination, whether you're a couple or a nature lover seeking tranquil escapism.
  • 20 Jul 2016
  • Travel Story
  • Adam Jacot de Boinod
Practical advice

"Belly Up!"

Back can wait, but not belly is a well-known Antiguan saying. Whether this refers to a massage before lunch I never found out but luxury is very much on offer in the following four Leeward Islands hotels.